One of the Most Annoying Kitchen Tasks Has Just Been Automated. You Won’t Believe How It Works…

12/07/2024 | by Oscar Ross

SUMMARY: The Italians are masters of cuisine, but we don’t usually hear from them regarding technological innovations that aren’t cars. This summer it’s set to change, as a new ingenious invention from the country of the boot, an automatic self-stirrer, is revolutionizing kitchens across the continent, and it just might reach your kitchen too.  You can now Get Your MagicMix 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Are you a lazy cook? Do you hate just standing there for hours, doing different tasks just so you can have some nice pudding desert? Does your wrist hurt from all the stirring? Well today is your lucky day, because this new invention will save you all the time, hassle and pain. All of it.

Picture this. You look at the recipe. It says stir for 10 minutes. 10 minutes! Who has that kind of time?! You have to cut and mash and bake like five other things. Your significant other isn’t here to delegate this menial task to. Ugh just stand there and stir like a robot for 10 minutes… maybe you should put on some podcast or music…

But what if we told you, there was a… sort of robot that could do this for you? You’d probably answer “what is this? Some cheap sci-fi movie?” and we’d respond that you’re not entirely wrong…

What Are We Talking About?

They call it the MagicMix, and it definitely lives up to its name. An Italian invention created to save their chefs precious time or interns for the very important, but very boring and time consuming task of stirring.

Mind you, it was no easy task. Pots and bowls are all different sizes. You need to have a lot of trust in a device to turn your back to it while it does it mixes your batter all on its own. There’s a good reason why such a device was only invented in this day and age. Technology.

But how does it actually work? And does it really earn our trust that we would leave it on, go to the bathroom and not come back to our porridge covering the entire kitchen? We got one to find out…

What Makes It Special:

At first glance it doesn’t look like much. A handle and three weird looking legs. And it stayed like that until we actually tried using it, and oh boy were we surprised. Apparently a lot of computing, calculations and simulations went into designing the most stable stirrer scientifically possible, so we had to try and knock it over didn’t we?

Firstly it easily fit any pot or bowl we put it in. We expected it to fall over at the first sign of adversity, but the MagicMix by some higher power remained upright and stirring. No matter what we put it up against, jelly, porridge, chunky soups, just empty air, it kept on chugging and we could just go do more productive things.

After staring at it work, almost hypnotized by its spinning, we finally stopped to take it apart and narrow down exactly what makes the MagicMix magical:

Very stable 3 legged design so you can turn it on and not need to worry about your favorite soup decorating the floor while you’re not looking.

Highly durable and heat resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel frameworks that can withstand up to 120c, are non-stick and dishwasher safe.

3 work speeds depending on how quickly or slowly you want your stuff stirred.

Also functions as a milk frother, protein shake mixer, you need it, it does it.

4AA batteries can keep it chugging for up to 4 hours

Saves you sooooo much time.

The MagicMix truly does seem like magic, having a few of these around makes you feel like the sorcerer’s apprentice! We’ve actually decided to keep the test unit around as a milk foamer for the office coffee machine.

Now, you’re probably been asking yourself for a while now well ok, it sounds fancy but how much does it actually cost? Well that’s the best part. The regular price of the MagicMix is a mere € 79,98. More than worth the time it will continue to save you in the kitchen. But the Italian company behind these decided the global launch of the device will be accompanied with a massive 50% off sale and free international shipping! You can now get your MagicMix for just € 39.

Any device that saves us time and makes our lives easier is automatically something we would recommend looking at, but the sheer quality and ingenuity of the MagicMix is what earns it our wholehearted stamp of approval. Go get it while it’s still on sale!

But don’t just take our word for it! These people loved the MagicMix:

“As a restaurant owner I knew this thing was gold the moment I saw it. After getting a bunch of these, we’ve been able to cut the turnaround rate for some dishes by almost 30%! Not only does that mean the food reaches our customers faster, it also meant we could cut back on our kitchen staff and reassign them to other roles! It’s amazing! 5 stars!”

“I injured my wrist playing tennis and it was just before the holidays. It might have been a targeted ad because I was looking for wrist treatments and aids, but I got it immediately and have not regretted it since. ”

“God this things saves soooo much time! And it does everything! Need to mix some cake batter? Done. Need to stir your stew? Done. Need to froth your milk for that morning cup of espresso? Done and done. I love it. Would but again.”


Conclusion: Should You Get a MagicMix?

Yes Absolutely! The most precious and valuable resources we have as human beings is time. Any device that saves us time on any task is worth its weight in gold. And that’s before considering that it simply is a remarkably useful device and costs next to nothing compared to what it gives you back. Time. Go get it before the sale ends!


  • Super easy to use
  • Highly stable design to fit any container
  • 3 stirring speeds
  • Can also function as a milk foamer or shaker
  • 4AA batteries can allow for up to 4 hours of work


  • Supplies are very limited, you ougt to purchase soon.


How Do I Get the Magic Mix?

Now that you’re aware you don’t have to do all the mixing yourself, you must be itching to get one of these for yourself, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original MagicMix from the official website here.
  2. Crack open the box, let it do its magic and go do something more productive with your time!

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